How to Create Sublimation Design

How to Create Sublimation Design All you need to know

Sublimation design is gaining popularity day by day, and people are wondering how to create sublimation designs to get some authentic information about the mechanism. Some are confused due to the unavailability of the right information and a lack of knowledge about different sublimation designing software.

Suppose you are looking for some guidance and help with sublimation design. You are at the right place; here, we will share valuable knowledge and help you understand how to create sublimation design.

A quick Guide of sublimation design

sublimation design

So here you go with the best dye-sublimation designing business. Are you worried about your business and creativity? I am here to help you out with all you need to do this open

sublimation designing silhouette studio but never forget this idea will move to any software you are familiar with

  So the rules for how to design sublimation design is a simple way of developing. You don’t have to be a professional designer for your brand software works in everything. no one going to consider if you don’t have a time 

 first; we have steering up the page that you are working with, and in the corner, there is a page setup panel

  • and here point on select your tool none 
  • cutting map none
  • media size it up. You can leave it as a default.
  • so here we will use, for example, 12 * 12
  • to print right here
  • then choose the media size to the size of the paper
  • let’s suppose I m going to select 13 * 20
  •  so move one to a file,
  •  select any picture or thumbnail which you wanna design,
  •  and drag the image that could be any file png, jpeg PSD, eps
  •  you can edit the size of the image. You can take any region of the image.
  • ! you are just done
  • now just print out the image thumbs up

Knowledge of Sublimation design software is very important to understand the nature of work and for sublimation transfers. It’s not rocket science; they need just a creative mindset.

Once you understand the chemistry of sublimation design, you can design your sublimation pictures. It seems very difficult, but I assure you it’s not difficult, just tricky as far as you are with us.

How To Create Sublimation Design for the best result

Sublimation is a very simple process. It would be best to have a little information and a few things to continue with. It’s a process of transferring a design onto a sublimation paper, and then this design is transferred to fabric or any other thing via heat transfer. Sublimation can be done for different purposes and on pictures and sublimation shirt ideas.

Most people use sublimation for shirts to give a unique design and an attractive look. They are designing become very easy with sublimation printers. Sublimation printing on mugs, shirts, tiles and many other things is durable and quite suitable.

Sublimation for beginners is a little difficult, but it will become as easy as for experts with our guidance and tips. There are different types of printers for sublimation, some are advanced for professionals, and some are sublimation printers.

Basic Needs for Sublimation Designing


There are some requirements that you have to fulfill for sublimation printing. Whether you are doing sublimation for beginners or a professional sublimation designer, you need all these supplies to proceed with your sublimation.

  1. Ready to Use Sublimation Printer:

There are different types of sublimation printers available in the market. It all depends on your requirements and needs. Some are sublimation printers for beginners and some for professionals. The most common printers are Ecotank sublimation printers and Epson printers.

Dedicated Ink for Sublimation Printing

Best Sublimation ink must be compatible with the sublimation printers. If the ink is not compatible, it will cause serious printing issues, and the results will not be good. Do not use ink provided with inkjet printers because it will not work with the sublimation printers, and during heat transfer, the ink will disperse. There are different brands available for sublimation ink you can choose according to your need and satisfaction.

Specialized Sublimation Pages

Page quality matters a lot for sublimation printing and designing. If pages are not compatible with the printer and ink, the results will not be according to the standards. I always prefer good-quality papers. When do you think about How to print sublimation transfers?

Then keep in mind it all depends on your paper quality. If quality is good, then the print transfer is excellent during sublimation printing. There are a lot of pages with different qualities available in local or online markets you can choose according to your need.

Sublimation Designing Software

For designing pictures, images or artwork, you need specific software. There are different software available you can choose one which is easy to use and have great results. Software is very important for designing because things will get difficult without it.

If you think about How to design your sublimation? Then this software knowledge is much more important. You can take services from external service providers, but your design charm will die.

Heat Press for Transfer

The important step in sublimation printing is to transfer the print from paper to the target product, a fabric, tile, glass etc. You need a good quality heat transfer that you place over the printed page placed onto the targeted product for this transfer.

Custom sublimation transfers ready to press always need an excellent quality heat transfer for the press with good sublimation skills. Heat transfers are available in different sizes. You must take it according to your print and transfer size.

So you are thinking economically and planning to use iron instead of a heat press? Please don’t go for it, and it will ruin all your efforts and destroy your design and print. Always use heat transfer for sublimation design transfer.

How to Design Your Sublimation?

Designing your sublimation is very simple; you need to know about the sublimation design software. There are some steps you should follow for designing sublimation pictures.

  • Always ensure that you have all the required items available, essential for sublimation designing and printing.
  • Choose the best sublimation design software from the available options.
  • Get some knowledge of How to do sublimation? And how to use sublimation design software.
  • Always start with specially designed sublimation for beginners software.
  • Make the design of your choice and ensure the color combination with the available dyes.
  • For custom sublimation, transfers use high-quality sublimation papers.
  • Use butcher paper to protect fabric and shirts from direct heat while transferring the design to fabric with a heat press. If butcher paper is not used, there are chances of printing on the backside of shirts.
  • Dust on fabric or material badly affects the sublimation process. Always use a lint roller or air blower to clean the upper surface of t-shirts, fabric and other materials.


By following all these guidelines and a strong knowledge of the concerned software, “How to create sublimation design” issues must be removed. Always prefer to use good quality material on which you are transferring your sublimation design.

Choose a printer according to your workload, and system complexity must not be ignored. Sublimation printers for beginners are a good choice for people learning and trying to expose their skills in sublimation designing and printing.

Thank you for joining me throughout the whole content and I hope now you have a better idea of “How to design your sublimation”.

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