Top 10 Best Sublimation Printers for Mugs in 2023

If you are into sublimation printing, you know the importance of having a high-quality sublimation printer. A compatible sublimation printer is a vital component in producing excellent sublimation prints, especially for mugs. In this article, we will discuss the best sublimation printers for mugs available on the market.

So purchasing the best sublimation mugs is mandatory for you to do excellent sublimation printing. For designing attractive designs on the mugs, sublimation printing has much importance. In this printing,
the design is transferred to sublimation prints for mugs with a low temperature and high pressure best
sublimation printer for mugs.

Then these designs are transferred from page to mug with the help of heat transfers. Sublimation printing on mugs is an art that is too much in use for customizing mugs. In the market, there is multiple sublimation printer for mugs available. You can choose according to your choice after reading all these reviews.

Why Do You Need the Best Sublimation Printer for Mugs?

  1.  Epson Workforce Inkjet Printer WF-7710
  2.  HP ENVY Wireless Pro 6475 Printer
  3.  Canon PIXMA Wireless TR7520
  4.  Epson EcoTank Wireless ET-2760
  5.  Sawgrass Sublimation Printer SG500
  6.  Epson EcoTank Wireless ET-2720
  7.  Canon PIXMA Wireless TR4520
  8.  HP Wireless OfficeJet Pro 802e

1) Epson Workforce WF-7710 Sublimation Printer

Epson WorkForce WF-7710 Printer -
Epson WorkForce WF-7710 Printer –

This Epson Inkjet WF-7710 printer is specially designed for sublimation printing on mugs at home orcommercial level. It’s a wireless printer and this feature enables it to connect with laptops and mobile both making the printing process easier. Available in black color with attractive design and a touchscreen for operating purposes.

Epson is a well-known brand for developing the best beginners Keeping their brand authenticity they provided this device with 2 side printing with print, scan, and copy options in it. Sublimation printing for mugs is very easy with this Epson WF-7710 device. It’s a durable product with genuine Epson ink cartilage.

With a single feed printing tray, Epson WF-7710 has a capacity of 250 papers at a time with additional photo papers 20 sheets. This huge capacity tray makes this model a good mug sublimation printer. Epson Workforce Inkjet Printer is provided with the latest Precision Core technology. This latest technology is introduced by Epson and it brings printing to the next level. It enables high-speed sublimation printing with precision and high-quality imaging.

  • Equipped with the latest technology
  • High printing speed with good quality
  • Multifunctional device
  • Easy to operate with touch screen
  • Price is a little higher
  • USB cable not provided in the package


 I have acknowledged many Epson printers from the past year, but this prints 11 * 17. the primary feather is the photo quality is impressive The graphics and presentation are quality its recommended to those who work in office & home to sublimate I think WF 7710 is the best sublimation printer for mugs and shirts due to its high-quality printing adoption latest trends with a reasonable price tag.


  • Scan, print, copy and fax all options in one device
  • Automatically operated 2 side printing technology
  • 4.3-inch touch screen for operating the printer
  • Wireless printing technology compatible with Android, IPad & iPhone
  • Equipped with PercisionCore technology
  • The capability of large 13˝× 19˝ borderless printing
  • Tray with a capacity of 250 paper sheets and 20 photo paper sheets

2) HP ENVY Wireless Pro 6475 Printer Best Printer for Beginners

HP ENVY Wireless Pro 6475 Printer-min
HP ENVY Wireless Pro 6475

Making sublimation printing on mugs a very easy process, HP provides ENVY Wireless Pro 6475 with the latest features and an attractive design. With the amazing features, it is provided with two years of ink supply. You can use the ink for two years with a printing capacity of 100 pages a month.

With 3 in 1 feature, it has a capacity of copy, printing and scanning which makes it easy to do sublimation printing on mugs at home. No need for separate devices for each of these tasks when HP provides you with all in one. Its two-sided automatic printing enables the printing process at a faster pace.

With its Wi-Fi connectivity, it makes the printing process much simple and easier for the whole office or family. HP Smart app makes the installation and connectivity process smoother, just install the app and stay connected with the device with smart access. With the persistent supply of ink, it can be used as a sublimation printer for coffee mugs.

  • Elegant design model
  • Easy connectivity
  • Multiple options
  • Auto double-sided printing
  • No issues noted yet


I have gone through the compact, easy setup HP ENVY Pro 6475. It takes thicker paper and envelopes. If you are going to purchase it, make sure to keep some feathers in mind. The quality is excellent, and the Wi-Fi /Bluetooth is most convenient. It takes more than 50 pages, and you will get free ink based on the month’s usage but remember you have to read the instruction usually, it printers large format paper. If you have decided to buy this then it’s a good decision you will face with zero issues it comes with the touchpad


  • With 3 in 1 printing, copy and scan option
  • Consistent ink supply for 2 years with 100-page printing a month
  • Easy wireless connectivity with HP Smart app
  • Auto document feeder 35 pages, hands-free
  • 1-year hard warranty

3) Canon PIXMA Wireless TR7520 – Best for Shirts and Mugs

canon Pixma TR7520 Wireless
canon Pixma TR7520 Wireless

Keeping in view the market demands and latest technologies Canon launched the PIXMA wireless TR 7520 with many extraordinary specs and a reasonable mid-range price tag. The question is Can you sublimate any mug with this printer? Yes, you can sublimate any type of mug using this TR 7520 for printing. It’s a medium-size printer with an attractive design in black colour.

With a good paper capacity tray of 100 normal papers and 20 photo papers, it provides the best sublimation experiences. The amazing feature is its wireless connectivity which enables different devices like mobiles, tablets and laptops to connect and you can print from anywhere within the range. It’s a reasonable mug sublimation printer.

Canon PIXMA TR 7520 modified 5 colours ink system which provides the ultimate sublimation printing experience on mugs. With the auto power on-off feature also saves electricity making it energy efficient. Its touch screen makes the operating process much simpler.

  • Attractive look
  • Easy to use
  • Affordable
  • Fulfil all printing requirements
  • Driver installation required
  • Have no duplex document feeding


you will love this printer I would recommend this quality, and the speed of the printer is just marvelous if you HP user replaces your printer with this canon you will be more satisfy its compact because it doesn’t take a full ream of paper like a large canon printer it comes Excellent price its parts are made with thin gauge plastic this compact design TR 7520 can easily place in any type of space without any hassle. This smart design and latest features make it one of the best for shirts and mugs. the most cost-saving printer


  • Compact design model
  • Have 5 color individual ink setup
  • Comes with wireless connectivity
  • The tray has a 100 sheets capacity of 20 photo sheets
  • 3.0˝ touch screen at the front
  • Provides versatile paper support
  • Support different types of document printing like business cards

4) Epson EcoTank Wireless ET-2760Best Sublimation for Heat Transfer

4) Epson EcoTank Wireless ET-2760
Epson EcoTank Wireless ET-2760

When we talk about the best sublimation prints for mugs, how we can forget to talk about Epson EcoTank Wireless ET-2760. With the high demand for sublimation printing on mugs, Epson takes it seriously to provide multiple best options equipped with all the latest features. The printer comes in white color with a smart fit design.

This Epson sublimation printer for mugs comes with Eco fit ink bottle technology which eliminates the need for ink cartilage. These ink bottles are quite enough for long-term sublimation printing. There is enough quantity of ink in the bottles which can go through almost for 2 years but you can also ask for a replacement at a higher discount.

With smart ink bottle techniques, you can also save cartilage waste which is an excellent thing economically and keeping in view environmental factors. Its ease of use makes sublimation printing on mugs at home an easy process. With 2-sided printing and a built-in scanner and copier, it’s an excellent option to select for sublimation printing.

  •  The bottles are amazing
  • Software is downloadable from Epson
  • Easy to use the device
  • High precision printing
  • Easily Replaceable Inkjet
  • Need little knowledge as a beginner
  • Single page scan
  • The ink does not appear as bright


To make a long story short, the best printers for sublimation
if your are decided review this printer is high quality with eco tanks it’s for standard small business the best part of the printer is the price of your ink is cheap & The touch screen is shining and transparent and responds well.
. It refills you can make the printer head from dry up but make sure to clean yor printer head, and I suggest you to the printer I recommend doing 3 test prints per week. I am now printing 1 test print every 3 days.


  • Double-sided automatic printing
  • A wireless device with an easy connectivity option
  • With ink bottles, there is zero waste of cartilage
  • 90% saving on replacement cost
  • MicroPiezo smart inkjet technology
  • Product protection of up to 2 years
  • Voice activate printing provides a touch-free experience

5) Sawgrass SG500 Best Sublimation printer for t-shirts

sublimation sg500 printer sawgrass
sublimation sg500 printer sawgrass (credit google)

If you are looking for a dye sublimation printer for mugs then Sawgrass SG500 is the device for you with all the attractive features and specifications. This device by Sawgrass is compatible with all mobile phones, PCs and laptops which makes the printing process very simple.

For a better printing experience and high-quality sublimation graphics Sawgrass SG500 comes with UHD Sublijet sublimation ink. It has less startup cost and provides high-quality HD prints. Its running cost is also very less but its purchasing price is too high because it’s a printer for commercial use not economical for sublimation printing on mugs at home. SG 500 is the upgraded version of SG400 with a lot of changes in features taking it to next level technology

For providing a secure zone for its customers Sawgrass launched this SG 500 printer with a 2 years warranty covering all hardware and software issues. Sawgrass print manager makes sublimation printing prices easier with its trouble-free printing experience. As I have said it is the updated version of SG400 so you can use most of the material of SG400 it is compatible with SG500.

  • Low consumption and energy-efficient
  • Attractive design model
  • Easy to use with
  • Library for stock design
  • Not suitable for home use
  • A little higher cost


If you are familiar with sg400, it will b easy to handle. I would recommend you the best sg500 for pictures. I promise you will love the setup. It makes you able to print the highest image as well as it costs you the lowest price for images and resolution, and offers WIFI connectivity I am very inspired by the specs and working of this printer at the commercial level. In my opinion, it is the best printer for sublimation printing on mugs.


  • Enabled with Sawgrass print manager
  • Have 2 years product warranty
  • Equipped with UHD Sublijet sublimation ink
  • Have an online designer Creative studio

6) Epson EcoTank Wireless ET-2720Best Epson Ecotank Printer For Sublimation

Epson EcoTank ET-2720 Wireless Color All-in-One Supertank Printer with Scanner and Copier
Epson EcoTank ET-2720(credit :google)

Sublimation printing on mugs is in high demand and Epson knows it very well. They launched this model to provide affordable and easy sublimation printing at homes or in offices. As discussed in the above model it is also a cartilage-free device with easily refillable ink tanks with bulk quantity sublimation ink. Available in black and white both colors with an attractive look and a smart design.

It has a built-in copier and scanner which makes it a 3-in-1 affordable, home-friendly device. Epson provides 90% savings on the replacement of ink tanks which makes sublimation printing highly economical. Sublimation printing on mugs at home can easily be done with this Epson EcoTank Wireless ET-2720.

Taking the technology to next level Epson provides a hands-free printing experience with Voice-activated printing. You just tell the printer and print will be there, no need for the hassle to touch the button or screen. With a wider touch screen colored display it makes things easier to operate and understand. With its tray, you can place 100 paper sheets easily with 4 colored ink tanks.

  • Affordable device
  • Very easy to handle
  • Compatible with all mobiles and laptops
  • Economical and energy saving
  • No data cable provided
  • Scan one page at one time


I m going to tell you the best feather of printer the picture quality is awesome user friendly up to now I have printed 900 and still making use less ink you can print from your phone easily copies which come sealed and taped down perfectly you will be happy to replace another printer with this make sure to put on the card to turn it on
the setup is straightforward you have to follow the footprints the best version printer you need to be registered ink is similar to the above-discussed Epson EcoTank ET-2760. ET-2720 is the older model than the above discussed but almost the same in features and qualities. For economical sublimation printing on mugs, it’s the best sublimation printer for mugs.


  • Zero waste cartilage-free printing experience
  • 90 % ink saving compared with standard
  • Easy wireless connectivity
  • 3 in-1 scanner, copier, and printer
  • 1.44-inch screen display
  • Voice-activated printing with hands-free feature

7) Canon PIXMA Wireless TR4520heat press bundle


Canon provides highly economical products with high quality. TR4520 comes with a very low price range with the latest specs. It is available in both black and white both colours with a compact design. This cheap sublimation printer provides easy printing with the Canon printing app. Mobiles and laptops can easily connect using this app and you can print from where you want.

With its auto power on/off the system, it saves a lot of energy keeping the sublimation printing on mugs economical. It has a specialized app Message in the print app which help to print the same design with all the text in it. Air print app is also available for Canon TR4520 which helps in a hands-free printing experience.

It has 3-in-1 technology with a printer, scanner, and copier in it. It’s a good printer for sublimation printing on mugs at home with such a lower price and high-quality printing. It is compatible with Alexa which helps in printing shopping lists, to-do lists, and much more.

  • his printer connects automatically to WIFI
  • Low priced device
  • Prints fast without delays
  • Easy to use
  • Compatible with many software’s
  • Take 2-3 minutes before the first print


Let me give you a short review about the printer; the quality is outstanding, user-friendly, and the best cheap affordable printer price. All you need to set up before using it you don’t check the ink every time
It comes with an ink alert that appears after a week. If you need color prints, this printer comes in white and black for your worksheet. It’s a perfect choice it will give you
fax copying a scanner. All in one, it provides printing from your phone. Make sure your laptop is connected with WIFI
if you are using this for art or photo, and I will not suggest it then. In my opinion, the Canon sublimation printer is one of the best sublimation printers for mugs in this price tag. It’s cheaper than all the above-discussed models.


  • Comes with an auto-duplex feature
  • Provides wireless connectivity with mobiles and laptops
  • With dash, replenishment saves up to 10 percent of ink
  • 15-pound lighter weight
  • Compatible with Alexa
  • The auto-on-off system saves power consumption


8) HP Wireless OfficeJet Pro 802esublimation printer

HP Wireless OfficeJet Pro 802e
HP Wireless OfficeJet Pro 802e

Very attractive designed HP wireless model comes in a combination of white and grey body which gives a cool look to the office table. It’s the best fit device for home and office use with a reasonable mid-ranger with its HP smart printing system, this HP Officejet pro 802e provides excellent printing with high-quality precise results. This system enables the printer to use its intelligence before printing. When searching for a sublimation printer for mugs and shirts you must consider this printer as the best option.

HP Officejet Pro 802e is capable of printing 20 black pages in a minute and 10 coloring pages in a minute with its fast printing speed. Its wireless feature enables it to connect with any mobile and laptop for ease in printing making it a wire-free printer. Comes with an official 6-month warranty of inkjet and 1 years parts warranty which provides more security to the user.

A highly suitable device for sublimation printing on mugs. It provides double-sided printing which is fully automatic. With a wider tray, it has a capacity of holding 225 paper sheets in it. With active HP+ features you can set automatic dates and times and refillable ink reaches your doorstep.

  • Elegant design model
  • Low price sublimation printer
  • Easily refillable ink tanks
  • Highly precise printing with smart printer HP+
  • Not recommended for industrial use


It’s the best sublimation printer for mugs in this low price range and its high-quality features make it a reasonable printer to compete with the expensive ones. It is quite fit for office and home use not recommended for commercial high-level usage.


  • Equipped with auto document feeder
  • Intelligent printing with HP+ smart printer
  • 1-year parts and 6 months ink warranty
  • Fast printing with 20 black prints in a minute and 10 colored
  • Easy connectivity with HP smart app
  • 4 in 1 double side printing

Buying Guide- Best Sublimation Printer for Mugs

best sublimation printer for mugs (2)

Sublimation printing is in high demand and due to its long durability and quality, people are attracted to it. For selecting the best sublimation mugs printer you should have prior knowledge of some basic things which should be focused on for buying the best.

You can find a lot of buyer guides on the topic, with a lot of excessive details which instead of guiding can create frustration and confusion. I cover all the important parts with just the knowledge required for you at this step to make things easier. Now without wasting time I will discuss all of this one by one.

  • The printing speed of the sublimation printer

It’s an important factor because printing speed matters a lot in your routine work. It depends on for which purpose you are using a sublimation printer for mugs. For home and office usage, you can purchase a normal speed printer but for commercial usage, you should prefer a high-speed printer that can print a large volume within a minute. Price may be increased with the high efficient printer but it doesn’t matter a lot when you are looking for speed and precision.

  • Printing Size or Area

Print size is an important factor on which you can categorize the best sublimation printers. It depends on the size of the printer. Some of the sublimation printers are not capable of printing on the edges due to which print size decreases.

Print size matters a lot and it has a direct impact on the item you are trying to produce with sublimation. So always choose maximum printing size from and settings and always prefer a printer with more printing size.

  • Ultra HD or Professional Quality

The best sublimation printer for mugs is that it works professionally and provides ultra HD photo results without any printing error. Printers with low-quality printing impart a negative impact on the graphics and when you transfer these prints on your mugs the results are worthless causing a huge loss to the end product.

  • Tray Capacity

Tray capacity means how many pages you can place at a time in the printer tray. A large tray helps you to save printing time. Once you place a large quantity of paper the printing process continues without any delay. Always prefer a printer that can hold a minimum of 200 pages in the tray with some additional pages for colored printing. With this high demand, some brands are now providing rear trays with 50 sheets capacity to cope with the situation.

  • Ink Combinations

In sublimation printing, the whole game depends on the ink colors and their combinations. Sublimation printers smarty combine the available inks and produce different shades and graphics. Most of the sublimation printers have a capacity of four colored inks. But a few have a capacity of eight colored inks to produce some high-quality graphics.

Frequently Asked Questions

What can I do with a sublimation printer?

With a sublimation printer, you can print different colored designs which can then be converted to items with heat transfer. With a sublimation printer, you can also perform simple prints, not for sublimation. Most printers come with a copy, scan, and fax option so these things can also be done with this printer.

How much does it cost to sublimate a mug?

The cost of sublimation depends on the type of graphics you are printing and the sublimation ink. More colors will cost more and ink quality also have different costs. So every sublimation print costs differently.

How to print dye-sublimation?

sublimation is a simple process, you just need to develop a graphic or image which is then printed on a sheet with sublimation ink. This printed paper is then transferred to the product with heat transfer. This is the whole process of dye-sublimation print.


I hope you are satisfied with the review and got all the concerned information for choosing the Best sublimation printer for mugs. I have discussed 8 different quality and brand printers with different costs and specifications. Now it’s up to you which one you like more in your budget. All of the above-mentioned are good sublimation printers and the whole review is free from any favouritism.

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