sawgrass virtuoso sg400 best sublimation printer for t-shirts

Best Sawgrass Sublimation Printer- Review

Best Sawgrass sublimation printer featuring backward compatibility, wireless connectivity, modulation dot technology, and high resolution. Sawgrass is a renowned brand name that has always proved itself as the best sublimation printer manufacturer in the industry. Famous for its outstanding and unrivalled products, the company has a list of famous sublimation printers that have always topped the charts in terms of performance and durability, and the SG500 version is not an exception. This version of the Sawgrass printer contains similar features to its predecessor, SG400, with various improvements. Along with this, both products are available in a similar price range.

sawgrass virtuoso sg400 best sublimation printer for t-shirts

Some of the highly famous attributes of the SG500 model include backward compatibility, modulation dot technology, Cloud studio membership, wireless connectivity, effort-less print management, auto-maintenance, and refillable ink cartridges. Thus, this article provides a detailed account of the Sawgrass SG500 sawgrass sublimation printers features and functionality, along with various parameters that should be considered before purchasing them. So, let’s dive into the article for more information in this regard.

The Best Sawgrass Sublimation Printer

Sawgrass SG500 Sublimation Printer

sublimation sg500 printer sawgrass
sublimation sg500 printer sawgrass (credit google)

sawgrass sublimation printer


CloudStudio Membership: | Print Manager Wireless Connectivity: | USB Connectivity Modulated Dot Technology: | Dot printer


Compatible with SG400 accessories

Multiple printing options

High durability

Low maintenance requirements

Creative designs


Not the best for cotton

High ink cost

th best Sawgrass sublimation printer and sawgrass 800 sublimation printer is renowned for its remarkable construction, high-quality attributes, and unrivalled performance efficiency. The printer is an updated version of the SG400 counterpart, which received outstanding reviews from the users. This version contains similar features with various improvements that lead to extraordinary results in various activities.

Similarly, the product is versatile and can sublimate well on different polymers, including cups, t-shirts, and wooden materials, depending on the requirement and design you are creating. While the SG400 counterpart is suitable for domestic use, the SG500 version is more suited for commercial applications and the printing business.

Thus, these devices are highly recommended for those who want to generate extra dollars by investing in Dye-sublimation printing activities. All the structural and functional features of this sawgrass model are discussed below in detail for your convenience.

Self Maintenance

The product comprises high-quality materials famous for their extraordinary strength and durability. The high durability protects the printer from getting damaged due to continuous use and allows you to use them for years. Similarly, the printer does not require regular maintenance and can be cleaned once in a while to ensure proper functioning. Furthermore, its auto-maintenance functionality lets you print freely without worrying about damage or maintenance requirements.

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Ink Cartridges

The ink cartridges available with this product can be installed according to your preferences using the kit available with the main package, and it is highly performance-oriented. These cartridges are associated with reduced ink usage and significantly decrease the amount of ink utilized during the sublimation process.

This helps you minimize the excessive wastage of ink by traditional printers and saves a lot of your money spent on purchasing the ink. In addition to this, we have also observed different types of inks that can be stored in the ink cartridges. This enables you to produce diverse and vibrant prints in colours and can easily attract the user’s attention.


The best sawgrass sublimation printer is compatible with a diverse range of inks, including the Sublijet HD ink purchased from a similar manufacturer at reasonable prices. This reduces a huge monetary concern for users and is a major reason for its increased popularity among them. Users only need to click on the print option and achieve high-quality results with remarkable efficiency and outstanding results.

Apart from the ink mentioned above, another type of ink that displays high-quality results includes the ChromaBlast-UHD ink, specifically manufactured for cotton-based fabrics. The bright and vibrant ink can easily overwrite light-coloured prints and materials. Thus, you can create attractive designs without going through complex processes. The effect generated by this ink is similar to that produced by inkjet printers and is only recommended for light-coloured items.

swagrass sublimation printer review
swagrass sublimation printer review

Last but not least, Siser EasySubli ink is designed for use on specialized sublimation prints. It works exceptionally well with heat transfer vinyl sublimate and can be used to print on dark-coloured materials. Hence, you can create beautiful photographs and designs on different fabrics and materials such as hardwood and other related products without any difficulty or inconvenience.

By-pass Optional Tray

The printer can print a wide variety of designs on different materials, including mice, keychains, and t-shirts, to create personalized prints. However, it has limitations and might require external help to print on larger substances.

For this purpose, manufacturers have included a large by-pass tray into the system and an optional accessory. This allows you to store up to 51 inches long sheets into the system and generate prints that are relatively larger. Another benefit of this tray is its outstanding compatibility with the SG400 model, which allows you to integrate it into the previous versions for up-gradation without requiring you to purchase a new one.

Print Manager

The print manager is an advanced software program that has been included in the printer for monitoring the ink output while generating a new sublimate. Over the years, we have observed that the prints generated by sublimation printers vary significantly from material to material and, therefore, might lead to different results. Thus, during such instances, the print manager performs exceptionally well.

It helps you to control the usage of ink and make required modifications depending on the nature of the material you are printing on. This allows you to create intricate and complex designs with various colours. Similarly, the software program also reduces ink usage and saves you from excessive wastage. Thereby reducing the cost of ink to a great extent.

Wireless Connectivity

Like its predecessors, the Sawgrass SG500 sublimation printer is also characterized by wireless connectivity. This means that the product can be connected to various gadgets such as smartphones and laptops. This enables you to print wirelessly from anywhere without physical contact with the printer.

Another benefit of wireless connectivity over Bluetooth printing is printing conveniently without being close to the printer. This enables you to print freely without worrying about damage or maintenance requirements. We have observed that the wireless setup of the system is relatively easier as compared to other sublimation printers available in the market.

Creative Studio

The Sawgrass SG500 sublimation printer features built-in layouts characterized by the inclusion of a variety of templates and designs that can be modified and recreated according to the requirements of the consumers. This is because of the inclusion of a complimentary license to the Creative Studio that aids the process of sublimation printing.

Users need to create an account when they first purchase the sawgrass sublimation printer, and then they can purchase the premium membership for the Creative Studio. This allows you effortless access to various additional features, including various designs, to create interactive artworks. You can also avail 30 per cent discount on the annual subscription using various promo codes for the best results.

Modulated Dot Technology

Another extraordinary feature of this product is the inclusion of the Modulated Dot Technology, which is associated with the generation of attractive, high-quality prints that are vibrant and aesthetically appealing. This can easily grab your attention and is one of the highlighting attributes of the system.

The dot technology ensures accurate dot placement and continuously monitors the dot uniformity. This contributes to the production of high-quality outputs with increased resolution and precision. The dot technology can be used to print on a wide variety of substances, including aluminium picture panels, wooden materials, and fabrics.


However, the price of SG400 and SG500 has remained the same even after the inclusion of advanced features such as by-pass trays, high-quality print modes, different ink options, and ModulatedDot technology. Similarly, the UHD installation kit available with the main package makes it easier to install different ink cartridges without any difficulty. Hence, improving the overall abilities of the system.

swagrass sublimation printer setting
swagrass sublimation printer setting

Sawgrass SG500 Sublimation Printer is a durable, high-quality product capable of producing high resolution, colourful sublimates on various materials, including aluminium panels, wood, and various fabrics. Therefore, the printer features both wireless and wired connectivity and is more efficient than its predecessor. Its advanced technology and management system enable you to generate attractive and accurate sublimates, contributing to its immense popularity among users of different backgrounds.

Factors to Consider While Purchasing a Sawgrass Sublimation Printer

A sublimation printer involves ink cartridges, coloured inks, print managers, modulation technology, and wireless connectivity to generate high resolution, extraordinary prints with utmost accuracy and precision. Thus, all associated factors with these parameters must be considered carefully when setting out on the quest to purchase a Sawgrass sublimation printer. The factors discussed in this article include resolution of the sublimate, backward compatibility, connectivity options, and price.

Resolution of the Sublimate

The resolution of the newly created sublimate is highly important. Negligence in this regard can lead to serious consequences and significantly impact the sublimation printer’s overall performance efficiency. While purchasing a printer, you should always target high resolution to achieve increased precision and accuracy.

The Sawgrass SG500 sublimation printer features a resolution of around 4880 * 1200 dpi, perfect for t-shirts and other small materials. However, we suggest choosing products with higher resolution for large-scale printing activities, especially if you use a by-pass tray. The resolution is directly related to the precision and must be upgraded according to the nature of the material you are sublimating on.

Backward Compatibility

It refers to the ability of a printer to upgrade and downgrade easily depending on the requirement. Incase of SG400 and SG500, this feature is highly popular among users. The accessories available with the SG400 can be used with its current counterpart with extreme accuracy. In addition to this, you can also include advanced materials and technologies with the former to upgrade it into the latter without compromising the accuracy. This allows you to sublimate effectively to polymer-based materials except for those made up of cotton.

Wireless Connectivity

Wireless connectivity is another significant factor that must be considered in this regard. Wireless connectivity is the ability of the sublimation printer to connect with other technological gadgets such as laptops and personal computers without being close to them.

This allows you to transfer data efficiently using smartphone applications and decreases the need to use Bluetooth services or USB for data transfer. The Sawgrass SG500 sublimation printer performs exceptionally well in this regard and features both wired and wireless connectivity. This improves its performance greatly and is a major reason for its increased popularity among users.


Last but not least, we highly suggest investing in budget-friendly options, especially if you are planning to use the product for domestic applications. Neglecting the price can lead to negative consequences, especially if you are not financially well-off. This can lead to budget-overstraining in the long term and might impact your choice of a certain product. To avoid such issues, we highly suggest considering the price to avoid unwanted troubles in the future.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does the ink of the Sawgrass SG500 printer last?

The longevity of the ink of a sublimation printer is highly dependent on the amount of ink utilized in the sublimation process. Printers that are performance-efficient and monitor ink usage are characterized by reduced ink wastage in the long term. Thus, ink in such printers does not finish easily. Generally, the shelf life of Sublijet ink is around six months, after which it might dry due to various factors and needs to be replaced accordingly. It would be best if you read about the product’s specifications and the ink available with it to replace it in time.

Can you refill the Sawgrass SG500 cartridges?

Yes, the ink cartridges in SG500 sublimation printers are refillable and can be filled with various colours depending on the requirement. This prevents you from the hassle of purchasing new cartridges every time you run out of ink and adds five stars to the overall abilities of the printer. In addition to this, it also contributes to reduction and carriage waste and saves a lot of your money on additional maintenance activities. All you need to do is remove the cartridge, and clean it, followed by the refilling to create beautiful sublimates without any difficulty.

Can we use a standard sublimation ink instead of a Sublijet ink in an SG500 printer?

No, the Sawgrass printers are specific to the type of ink being used in their ink cartridges and, therefore, must not be used with other types of inks. The use of inks other than Sublijet and those mentioned above in the article can lead to serious performance consequences and might also disturb the internal working mechanism of the sublimation printer. Thus, it would help if you were extremely careful while choosing a suitable ink for your newly purchased product.

How can I download the print manager software?

Print management software is an advanced program that can monitor the amount of ink used on different materials. You can also use the program to specify the amount of ink used on a specific material to achieve the desired results. The method for installing the program is relatively easy and can be carried out by yourself at home.
For this purpose, you can search the word Sawgrassink into your search browser and then navigate to the Products option after clicking on the website link. Scroll through various options until you reach the Print Manager option and click on the download option to download the software to your smartphone or other devices that might be connected to the printer.

Is the Sawgrass SG500 printer wireless?

Yes, the Sawgrass SG500 printer features wireless functionality, enabling it to connect with a diverse range of other technological gadgets without being in physical contact with them. This allows you to transfer data wirelessly between devices and control the printer effectively using the Print Manager software. The wireless connectivity decreases the need for a USB cable and other data transfer methods and is highly preferred by users.

What should I look for while selecting a sublimation printer?

The performance and functionality of a sublimation printer are dependent on different factors that combine to deliver a performance-efficient, high-quality output. Some of the significant parameters include the resolution of sublimate, modulation technology, backward compatibility, wireless connectivity, and price. These are some basic features, and more model-specific parameters can be found on the manufacturer’s website in the specifications section.

Wrapping Up

Sublimation printers are highly admired by users because of their ability to produce high resolution, colourful and vibrant sublimates on various substances such as polymers, aluminium panels, and other wooden materials. Sawgrass is a renowned name in this industry and is popular for its remarkable and budget-friendly sublimation printers available worldwide. However, the manufacturers always strive for the best and keep updating their models to meet growing users’ needs. The Sawgrass SG500 printer is a prominent example of such a product.

The product is an upgraded version of the SG400 version and is incorporated with advanced features such as modulation technology, backward compatibility, print manager, and wireless connectivity that have been improved compared to previous versions. The article provided a comprehensive review of the Sawgrass SG500 sublimation printer and its detailed features to help you get better insights into the functionality of the specified model. In addition to this, a buying guide is also included to help you choose the most suitable printing device for yourself.

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